[gnome-bluetooth] Motorola V525

David Reynolds david at reynoldsfamily.org.uk
Thu Jul 29 22:58:01 BST 2004


I've had similar problems to this guy, with a Motorola V525. Has any 
progress been made in getting the Motorola AT commands into the program?

Edd Dumbill wrote:

-- SNIP --

 > Sweet.  Nice to hear it working just like it should :)
 >>The phone icon in the notification area states Connected.
 >>I sent myself an sms via the web, and received it on the phone, but did
 >>not get a pop-up from phone-manager.
 >>I also sent an sms from phone-manager that was not received by the
 > Sounds like the V600 isn't supported with gsmlib.  Can you point me to
 > an AT command reference for the V600?  I suspect it will show that SMS
 > functions aren't accessible through the GSM AT commands.  This is true
 > of other smart phones like the P800/P900 as well.

Sorry for reposting or re-asking a question that's already been asked.

Hope you can help


David Reynolds
david at reynoldsfamily.org.uk

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