[gnome-bluetooth] Updates and status?

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Wed May 5 22:08:13 BST 2004

Hi Fredrik,

> > Also, can anyone tell me if Fredrik's patches for bluez-utils have been
> > incorporated into the latest official downloads?
> The patches are not included yet, as far as I know. I think the issues
> mainly are:
> 1. Marcel wasn't happy with the Dbus interface naming conventions
>    and interface structure. I think it could be improved, but I'm not
>    an expert on HCI interfaces etc. so any help here would be great.
> 2. Marcel prefers a binary database (Berkely DB) for configuration,
>    link and name cache storage. I think plain text files are better in
>    this case and this is also what is implemented with the patches.

you can put the important issue on this list - time. I didn't forgot
your patches, but I had to fix some other stuff first to make the
maintaining of it much more easier for me. Right now I am checking the
latest bits before I am going to release BlueZ libs and utils 2.8. The
bluez-sdp and bluez-pan packages will be obsoleted and I also included
the HID and CUPS support into it. After 2.8 is out we should talk about
how we include your patches. Drop me a note on the bluez-devel mailing
list with the current state of your patches.



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