[gnome-bluetooth] Connecting to phonemgr - pairing?

gnome-bluetooth at chrissearle.org gnome-bluetooth at chrissearle.org
Thu May 6 16:02:40 BST 2004

Running debian unstable.

Have the gnome-bluetooth base system installed from packages and am
able to e.g. send files from the phone to the bluetooth file sharing

Have now just built and installed phonemgr from the phonemgr-0.2.1.tar
file. The applet shows up and I can bring up the prefs dialog, hit
update and find the phone (T610).

Then the applet sits in the "Connecting to your phone" state - and the
phone shows no connections.

Now - I know in the website it says:

You will need to pair your phone with your computer before
PhoneManager can establish a successful connection.

This is where I'm getting lost. What exactly is required here? How do
I pair the two? Is this part of the gnome-bluetooth stuff or part of
the bluez stuff or ?

I guess this is a simple thing - but if someone could throw me a URL
to the right docs I'd really appreciate it :-)


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