[gnome-bluetooth] Nokia 6820 problems with gnome-obex-server

Ilari Kontinen ilari.kontinen at hut.fi
Wed May 26 13:42:37 BST 2004


>>This is normal behaviour while it waits for an incoming file.
>But without starting up a GUI of any sort?  Colour me naive, but I'd
>kind of expected something that prefaced itself with "gnome" to have
>at least a minimal GUI .... ;-)
Actually there is a "minimal GUI" associated with gnome-obex-server 
(g-o-s). You have to have a notification area applet running in your 
gnome-panel, because when you start g-o-s, an g-o-s icon appears into 
it. When you send a file from your phone to your computer, there is a 
nice animation that indicates the file-transfer. The file should appear 
into you home-directory.

 ~ Ilari

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