[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-phone-manager from CVS: Message Received NOT displayed

Kolbjorn Bekkelund kobe at rocketrange.no
Thu Aug 4 15:55:04 BST 2005

I've compiled both gnome-common, gnome-bluetooth, libbtctl and
gnome-phone-manager from CVS today. The bluetooth-stuff is working fine
(I can synch my Sony Ericsson K750i with Evolution2 using multisync),
and I can send SMS using gnome-phone-manager (gpm) (the evolution
address-stuff is also working in gpm), but gpm will NOT tell me when a
new SMS is received.

I've installed gnokii and my phone is recognized ok using:
kolbjorn at messiah:~$ gnokii --identify
GNOKII Version 20050803
IMEI         : 356551006722732
Manufacturer : Sony Ericsson
Model        : AAB-1022011-BV
Revision     : R1J002  R1J002      prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL

Anyone having seen this missing "Received Message" box before? The
gpm-icon in the "Notification Area" is not indicating anything either.


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