[gnome-bluetooth] phonemgr feedback

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 14:23:18 BST 2005

> > > Let me know whether the work-around works or not.
> >
> > Doesn't work. I have done all that. I'm running 2.2.3 and e-d-s 1.2.3
> > on FC4 (testing update I think). Under Edit/Preferences/Autocompletion
> > I have the 'On this Computer/Personal' address book set as I use
> > evolution for all my email (and I have some problem talking to my
> > organisations GAL on exchange which I can't be bothered fixing) and
> > autocompletion works fine for email so I can only assume it would work
> > OK for everything else. Funnily enough I have e-d-s installed.
> What does the phone number look like in the message you received, does
> it have anything but digits (spaces, plus signs, etc.)?

All my numbers are in +61123456789 format (so plus sign for dialing
and just digits) as I have numbers for about 6 different countries in
my phone and move between Australian and UK based providers. Of the
original 8 contacts I had in my address book 4 of them had mobile
numbers specified and 4 had no numbers at all.

> > I also had a number of catacts (about 4 all up) that had phone numbers
> > in their contacts (don't have that many contacts as too  lazy to
> > manually enter them all). I also imported as a vcf my phone address
> > book from doing a gnokii --getphonebook and writing the entire address
> > book out. That had some interesting stuff happen to the contacts which
> > I should probably report to the evo lists / bugzilla.
> Do you have those numbers as home/work/whatever phone numbers, or mobile
> phone numbers?

The original 8 contacts 4 had mobile and 4 no number at all. The
remaining contacts that I imported from the vcard file have a
combination of home/business/mobile numbers and all have an 'other'
number which is the default number for the contact in the vcard that
gnokii exported.

> > So what did I miss? Would the fact I'm using evo connector with and
> > exchange 2003 server effect this (but using local contracts)?
> Shouldn't be causing problems. Could you see whether "test-entry" in the
> contact-lookup-applet works for you? It is very similar to what gnome-
> phone-manager does.

Will do.


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