[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-phone-manager bug

Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Tue Jul 12 10:27:20 BST 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 18:33 +0200, Sven J. wrote:
> Hi, would like to use gnome-phone-manager but it crashes when i enter
> the path to my nokia 3200 which is /dev/tts/USB0. After that it crashes
> every time.
> Iam using gentoo with 
> app-mobilephone/gnome-phone-manager-0.4
> x11-libs/gtk+-2.6.7
> gnome-base/gnome-2.10
> i feel like it is a gtk problem, could that be?
> This is what the crash-dialog shows, when gnome-phone-manager ist started:

gnome-phone-manager doesn't work and will be replaced soon.


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