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Thu Jul 21 17:06:40 BST 2005

Hello Eric,

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 21:25 -0700, Eric John Arnaldo wrote:
> I really need help!!!
> my situation: 
> i) i have installed the bluetooth-subsystem from the
> rpm packages of fedora core 4 installer on my pc.
> ii) i have two usb-bluetooth-device
> iii) the devices are seen by command: hcitool dev
> iv) have many problems: the remote (other
> usb-bluetooth) device cannot be seen, so i don't know
> if commands gnome-obex-send and gnome-obex-server
> works.
> my goal:
> i) how do i know that my usb-bluetooth works?
> ii) are there things still needed to be done?
> iii) i really don't know where to start...
> iv) i need the two usb-bluetooth-devices
> communicating...

I don't quite know what you're trying to achieve, but our beloved Edd's
book with a chapter about Bluetooth should help you towards your goal of
understanding Bluetooth:

Reading the Linux Bluetooth related HOWTOs will also help you:


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