Eric John Arnaldo ninoy_dumb at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 30 08:27:15 BST 2005

Eric John Arnaldo:
I really need help!!!
my situation: 
i) i have installed the bluetooth-subsystem from
the rpm packages of fedora core 4 installer on my pc.
ii) i have two usb-bluetooth-device 
iii) the devices are seen by command: hcitool dev
iv) have many problems: the remote (other
usb-bluetooth) device cannot be seen,

so "hcitool scan" does not work? Did you enable
bluetooth on both pcs
$ chkconfig bluetooth on
$ wervice bluetooth start
Now you really _should_ be able see the remote

After that start system-config-securitylevel and
disable "SELinux
protection for service bluetooth", otherwise you
will not be able to
pair the devices.
You have to edit your /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf, too.
Set security to "user" and change the pinhelper from
the dbus helper
(which is broken ATM) to the normal pin-helper

so i don't know
if commands gnome-obex-send and gnome-obex-server
If you are trying to connect two computers you are
probably looking for
something more sophisticated than sending files with
obex. You can setup
a TCP/IP link over bluetooth with pan, see
it's really a heart lightening for you having time to
reply on my questions... i really appreciate it.
really, thanks!

there came a time lately that i got interested with
bluetooth and decided to take some effort on
programming and perhaps mastering it. maybe sometime, 
i would be of great help to bluetooth community.

so, starting from zero knowledge, i was planning to
make just a small program of sending a file between
usb-bluetooth. i was planning to code it in c so it
will give me flexibility and will provide me a low
level programming.

anyways about,

:After that start system-config-securitylevel and
:disable "SELinux
:protection for service bluetooth", otherwise you
:will not be able to
:pair the devices.

question? how can i start system-config-securitylevel?
is it just a command "start
system-config-securitylevel" on the terminal? how can
i disable "SELinux protection for service bluetooth"?

another thing:
i'm new to linux and fedora is my first linux os. i
only know some basics.
just call me by my nick "ninoy".

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