[gnome-bluetooth] Slackware packages of CVS versions

Mirza Muharemagic mirza at php.co.ba
Tue Jun 28 18:17:46 BST 2005


I just wanted to inform you that I have made Slackware packages of:
- gnome-common         -cvs28062005-i686-1mm.tgz
- nautilus-sendto      -cvs28062005-i686-1mm.tgz
- libbtctl             -cvs28062005-i686-1mm.tgz
- gnome-bluetooth      -cvs28062005-i686-1mm.tgz
- gnome-phone-manager  -cvs28062005-i686-1mm.tgz

you can find them on: http://slackware.php.co.ba

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