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Xavier Amado xamado at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 05:59:12 BST 2005

Bastien: Sorry, I didn't notice I sent the email to you instead of the list, reposting on the list.

Output from gnokii:

Manufacturer : Motorola CE, Copyright 2000
Model        : GSM900","GSM1800","GSM1900","GSM850","MODEL=V600
Revision     : TRIPLETS_G_0B.09.38R

I've tried gnokii command line and it works, not every option, since
some are not supported, but sending sms, writing to phonebook and
reading from it, identify and a coulpe more do work. Also xgnokii works
fine, It gets me the whole phone book, I can edit and save back, I can
send SMS, I wasn't able to get it to receive SMS on the pc though. So
what I'm saying is this time gnokii seems to be working fine, so I must
be missing something in the gnome-phone-manager side of things.

I have CVS gnokii, and I'm using the AT driver.

Thanks for your time.


On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 17:50 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 13:32 -0300, Xavier Amado wrote:
> > Ok I figured it out, it was a problem with gnokii, not phone-manager,
> > but now I can't connect to my phone, is it just because the V600 is not
> > supported or is it something else isn't working? (it used to work when
> > phone-manager didn't use gnokii)
> > This is what I get in the console:
> > 
> > ** (gnome-phone-manager:672): WARNING **: Model
> > GSM900","GSM1800","GSM1900","GSM850","MODEL=V600 not supported natively
> > Can't connect: Device or resource busy
> > 
> > ** (gnome-phone-manager:672): WARNING **: gn_gsm_initialise
> > ** Message: Status 4
> > ** Message: Connected error occurred.
> > ** Message: Failed connection to device on 00:0A:28:EA:75:1E
> > ** Message: Exiting connect thread
> What did gnokii-identify give you as an output?
> The v600 should work either with the "AT" or the "AT-HW" driver (the
> Nokia 6310i is a bad example because the driver name is the same as the
> model name).
> Also make sure you have a recent gnokii installed.
> Cheers
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