[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-phone-manager/Fedora FC4: Pairing problem (long)

Michael Kolmodin Michael at kolmodin.net
Sun Sep 18 13:45:13 BST 2005

Trying to compile and setup gnome-phone-manager 0.6 on Fedora I'm 
running into pairing problems. Bottom  line: I get no chance to set the 
pincode on the computer when pairing with my phone.

I proceed as described in http://hem.bredband.net/miko22/INSTALL.html. 
At step 6 I issue sdptool browse <my phone's address> and expect a popup 
window where I can enter a pincode - this is how it worked in 0.4/FC3. 
However, I get no such window and no chance to set the pincode.

Tried a few workarounds after some use of google.com:

- Removed the /etc/bluetooth/link_key file. No change.

- Changed security mode to 'auto' with a pincode in /etc/bluetooth/pin. 
  With this configuration I can pair my phone with the computer, 
initiating from the phone and using the pincode in /etc/blutooth/pin. 
When starting gnome-phone-manager I get a message in my phone like "Add 
new unit" which just fails, w/o saying the pw is bad. Despite that the 
pairing succeeded, there is no link_key file present.

- Reverting to security mode 'user' I have tried with pin_helper set to 
/usr/bin/bluepin and dbus_pin_helper disabled. Getting a "Access denied" 
in the phone and a log message "Can't exec PIN helper /usr/bin/bluepin: 
Permission denied (13)".  This seems to be a X access problem , 
executing /usr/bin/bluepin from user-lever command prompt => 
"RuntimeError: could not open display". To clarify, I issue xhost +, but 
the pairing still fails. No log message this time, though.

- And finally security mode: user and dbus_pin_helper enabled, 
pin_helper disabled. The pairing just fail, message in phone "Access 
denied". No log messages, either.

I all three cases "sdptool browse <my phone's address>" seems to work 
fine, although I don't really understand all the output.

Any clues out there?


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