[gnome-bluetooth] Possible icons

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Tue Sep 20 12:33:18 BST 2005

Hi Christoph,

> I got bored during the lunch break an read a bit on the gnome-bluetooth
> page. There I found the ToDo page that stated that a few icons will be
> necessary for 1.0. Find some proposals attached. The document is drawn
> with inkscape (but should be useable for every other svg viewer/editor).
> If you like them feel free to use them. I haven't chosen which license
> they need to be, so choose one that fits your project. If you dislike
> them just let me know. It's not a problem at all :)

it is a good idea to have some nice logos, but check the style/brand
guide from the bluetooth.org homepage first. You are not allowed to do
everything with the Bluetooth logo. They are quite strict.



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