[gnome-bluetooth] Bluetooth manager project

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Mon Apr 24 12:02:38 BST 2006

Hi Bastien,

> I thought a couple of people might be interested (in fact, I've already
> received a few mails about it).
> http://live.gnome.org/BluetoothManager
> I hope that the project can run as a Summer of Code project, but there
> are already a few (relatively) easy tasks that could be implemented by
> volunteers before the project starts, especially the first "page".
> Feel free to answer to this mail if you're interested in implementing
> parts of the manager.

all implementations should use the new D-Bus interface only. Using the
Bluetooth library from BlueZ is not portable. For the configuration of
the local adapters, searching for new devices and handling trusted
devices everything is already in place.

For the file sharing a D-Bus enabled OBEX server (OPP, FTP and even BIP)
is needed. Feel free to post thoughts about an interface for it to the
BlueZ developer mailing list.



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