[gnome-bluetooth] Bluetooth manager project

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Tue Apr 25 17:47:19 BST 2006

Hi Bastien,

> > all implementations should use the new D-Bus interface only. Using the
> > Bluetooth library from BlueZ is not portable. For the configuration of
> > the local adapters, searching for new devices and handling trusted
> > devices everything is already in place.
> Sounds fair. But libbtctl currently uses bluez-libs directly. We'll be
> migrating to the D-Bus bindings as it goes, but throwing away all the
> work already done would be a waste of time (especially given that the D-
> Bus interface isn't available in any released distros).

you can use libbtctl as a wrapper on top of either bluez-libs or the
D-Bus API if you wanna support older installations. On the other hand
the newly D-Bus API is that simple, that you might simply switch.

> > For the file sharing a D-Bus enabled OBEX server (OPP, FTP and even BIP)
> > is needed. Feel free to post thoughts about an interface for it to the
> > BlueZ developer mailing list.
> Right now we're using the bluez-libs and openobex for gnome-obex-server
> and gnome-obex-send, and unless there are major breakages, we don't
> intend to switch to a d-bus based server.

We have the concept of passkey agents now. This allows an application to
get PIN code requests for a specific remote device. We also talked about
the concept of authorization agents, but we put that on hold for now. It
might be a topic for an OBEX server.

However one big advantage of having an D-Bus enabled server is, that you
can use every programming or scripting language to configure it. It is a
great thing to have a small Python program to do some stuff.



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