[gnome-bluetooth] OBEX server register error: -94

Scott Jackson scott_j at ajackson.org
Fri Aug 4 23:46:06 UTC 2006

gnome-obex-server dies attempting to start up, gnome-obex-send dumps the
following error:

** (gnome-obex-server:14193): WARNING **: OBEX server register error:
** (gnome-obex-server:14193): WARNING **: Unable to initialize OBEX source
** (gnome-obex-server:14193): WARNING **: Couldn't initialise OBEX listener

My platform is gentoo (latest world emerged as of yesterday), gnome 2.10, python 2.4.3, bluez 2.25, and
gnome-bluetooth-0.7.0-r1 (r1 being first patchset in gentoo). Under suggestion of the Gentoo Wiki I
downgraded to gnome-bluetooth-0.5.1-r2 and it works fine.
Help is appreciated

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