[gnome-bluetooth] x64 port

Spino braincasualties at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 20:48:14 UTC 2006


after dozens of problems while trying to use gnome-bluetooth on my former
x86 Debian Etch (it never ran) I gave up and used

      obexftp -b <device-id> -l  (directory listing)
      obexftp -b <device-id> -c (change dir)

now i've changed my former computer (piece of cr at p!) and got a brand new AMD
Athlon 64-bits wonder... :)

 after the "usual" problems when trying to find a distro for this kind of
processor ...and after waiting for etch 64 to appear I've finally got it! :D

  Linux uve 2.6.16-2-amd64-generic #1 Sun Jul 16 01:12:23 CEST 2006 x86_64

now... I wonder... is there any gnome-bluetooth por to x86_64 platforms?

if so... could anyone tell me where to find packages?

these repositories:

  deb http://debian.usefulinc.com/gnome ./
  deb-src http://debian.usefulinc.com/gnome ./

are not working... (not for x64)

thanx in advance!

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