[gnome-bluetooth] PATCH interoperability issues because of nodisconnect

giay abdulla giay_82 at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jul 2 18:46:23 BST 2007

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>From: "Allen Hubbe" <allenbh at gmail.com>
>To: gnome-bluetooth at lists.usefulinc.com
>Subject: [gnome-bluetooth] PATCH interoperability issues because of 
>Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:51:47 -0400
>I have this symptom where I can send files from my phone just fine,
>but I can't successfully receive them.  From a dump of the traffic, I
>can see that the data is transferred successfully and the receiver
>responds 200 (OK) in both directions.  The only difference I could see
>is that my phone sends OBEX Disconnect before tearing down the link,
>but my computer just tears down the link.
>I attached a couple patches that I think fix this problem (not tested,
>because I'm having a really hard time getting gnome-bluetooth to
>build).  See attachments.
>I'll describe the libbtctl patch first, since the gnome-bluetooth
>patch doesn't make sense without it.  I added the
>btctl_obex_client_disconnect function which causes an obex disconnect
>request to be sent.  Also, I added a signal for handling the
>disconnect response from the link partner.
>The gnome-bluetooth patch doesn't call gtk_main_quit after the last
>transfer, instead it calls the new btctl_obex_client_disconnect
>function.  gtk_main_quit is moved to a callback, called when the
>disconnect response is received.
>Not sure if my previous email got through, sorry if I am repeating myself.

><< libbtctl.disconnect.patch >>

><< gnome-bluetooth.disconnect.patch >>

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