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atul potdar atul_potdar at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 16:19:54 CET 2011


I am trying to improve gnome-bluetooth performance of my pc internet connectivity using NOKIA cell phone.

I have noted down some of the gnome-bluetooth features as follows.

    1. It does not require network connection and hardware.
    2. It does not explicitly use cell phone as a modem device.
    3. It does not use bluez protocol stack.
    4. It treats bluetooth adapter as a controller.
    5. It uses paired device connection with the cell phone.
    6. Internet connections for upload and download are handled by the cell phone.
    7. gprs settings are transparent to the pc and reside in the cell phone.
    8. link speed is governed by the cell phone capability and the operator.
        My cell phone supports gsm 1800 connection (about 2.8 mbps) 

        However the link speed i get on my pc is of 8 kbps as an average
        and has never exceeded 20 kbps.
        I understand that different cell phones have different capabilities and 
would like to know how to effectively use them with efficient 

        using gnome-blootooth.
9. PC is transparent to the gprs/gsm working of the cell phone.
10. The only hardware required is a usb bluetooth dongle adapter and a cell phone.

Please let me know
     1. if my understanding is correct 

     2. if not please correct it. Thank you.

I have noticed that my Fedora 15 installation is using BTUSB drivers with hci0 and RFCOMM. Is this a correct configuration ?
I am aware of the BTUSB configuration details. I require conformation from the experts who have already setup such a connections.

I would like to know the performance governing parameters of gnome-bluetooth and a comprehensive HOWTO document if available.
Is there any architectural document available which can be shared by the community to understand the performance issues involved.

with warm regards,
Atul Potdar, Pune, India
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