[gnome-bluetooth] [PATCH 0/12] gnome-phone-manager: update and clean up

Daniele Forsi dforsi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 12:55:41 EST 2017

2017-11-19 15:32 GMT+01:00 Ladislav Michl <ladis at linux-mips.org>:
> On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 03:14:53PM +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:

>> If Daniele doesn't have the time or the will to maintain it (or even if
>> he does), I think it might be best if one of us reviews those patches
>> for sanity, and you'd request commit access, so you can be the new
>> maintainer! :)
>> What do you think Ladislav?
> For such a low traffic package I might be able to do it. And as strange it
> sounds my spare time mostly depends on weather (and ability to do outdoor
> work which has priority over almost everything). You have been warned now :)

it would be great if you could spend some time on maintaining
gnome-phone-manager, I'm not using it and you can delete my name but
do keep me subscribed as I may be able to comment sometimes

>> Daniele, would you have a bit of time to review those patches?

I commented on a couple of patches, but I can't even test-compile them

Daniele Forsi

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