[phpxmlrpc] newbie question

Matt Rowe mrowe@pointsystems.com
Fri, 09 Aug 2002 11:50:24 -0700

Dear list,

I'm new to this rpc thing, and I'm very interested in it.

However, I'm having problems sending arrays to server scripts.  I'm testing 
the "examples.sortByAge" server, and I can't figure out the format of the 
array argument.  The following doesn't work, and I've tried some 
variations.  Can anyone lend a quick hand?

$age_array['Dave']		= 35;
$age_array['Edd']		= 45;
$age_array['Fred']		= 23;
$age_array['Barney']		= 37;
$f=new xmlrpcmsg('examples.sortByAge', array(new xmlrpcval($age_array, 
$c=new xmlrpc_client("/xmlrpc/server.php", "", 80);

The server file is the one that came with the xmlrpc1_02 distro.

Thanks in advance,