[phpxmlrpc] Using sample server

Jeff Barr jeff@vertexdev.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 17:48:34 -0700


Do you know for sure that the server code is getting activated? 

Can it find the xmlrpc.inc and xmlrpcs.inc files? You should know that
PHP does not do a good job of reporting bad "require" statements -- it 
pretends to execute the file without reporting any kind of error.

Check your Apache access and error logs for some clues.

Be sure that your server is not printing or echoing any debugging info.

I have found that it is very handy to log your XML-RPC calls 
to a file. Make sure that you have some logging at the very
beginning of your server code, before you create the xmlrpc_server

On the client side, enable XML-RPC debugging. After you create
your client object like this:

   /* Connect to server */
   $Client = new xmlrpc_client('/xmlrpc.php', 'www.syndic8.com', 80);

Turn on debugging like this:


Hope this helps.


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Subject: [phpxmlrpc] Using sample server

> I need some help setting up the sample server. I tried accessing the
> server.php from a modified client.php that points to our server
> but nothing happens. The page just continues to load.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Luis R. Lebron
> lr.lebron@comcast.net
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