[phpxmlrpc] entity changes

Andres Salomon dilinger at voxel.net
Thu Apr 17 06:11:54 BST 2003

Folks, I just committed some changes that address some longstanding issues
w/ this xmlrpc implementation, and multibyte characters from various
charsets.  I'll be testing these changes some more this week, but if
anyone has dealt w/ entity issues in xml or xmlrpc, or has experience w/
another xmlrpc library, please look over the changes (see the ChangeLog
for additional details).  The things that need addressing are:
a) does xmlrpcresp need to be fixed in a similar way?
b) should entity translation be done on the server or client?  Are xmlrpc
servers expected to know how to handle things like é (or even
c) are there any entities that might be missing?

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