[phpxmlrpc] xmlrpc

Andres Salomon dilinger@voxel.net
Mon Jan 13 08:45:49 GMT 2003

>From the sourceforge release notes:

Release Name:

XMLRPC is a bugfix release; it fixes some major issues that were
in 1.0.99.  If there are no large bugs, this will become 1.1.  Please test
it thoroughly.

2003-01-12  Andres Salomon  

        * released
        * Makefile: separate doc/Makefile a bit more from Makefile,
        and add clean rules.

2003-01-10  Andres Salomon  

        * xmlrpc.inc: xmlrpcresp and parseResponse cleanups; variable
        name renames ('xv' to 'val', for example), type checking, and
        stricter default values.
        * xmlrpc.inc: fix xmlrpcresp's faultcode; return -1 for FAULT
        responses from the server whose faultcodes don't reflect any

2003-01-08  Andres Salomon  

        * xmlrpc.inc: rename $_xh[$parser]['ha'] to
        * xmlrpc.inc: fix bugs related to $_xh[$parser]['headers];
        some places treated this as an array, others as a scalar.
        Treat unconditionally as an array.  Also wrap header debugging
        output in PRE tags.

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