[phpxmlrpc] xmlrpc

Dino Termini dtermini at mbigroup.it
Fri Jan 31 12:39:08 GMT 2003

Andres Salomon ha scritto:
 >>From the sourceforge release notes:
 > Release Name:
 > Notes:
 > XMLRPC is a bugfix release; it fixes some major issues that were
 > in 1.0.99.  If there are no large bugs, this will become 1.1.  Please 
 > it thoroughly.

Hi all! Thank you for your library, it is very useful for code
separation and good programming style. Also for implementing MVC model.
But I want to share with you this problem. To get the library working,
it was necessary to add this piece of code under types declaration. Why?

// Patch by Dino Termini (dtermini at mbigroup.it) - Registering global
variables under PHP 4.1+
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcI4"] = $xmlrpcI4;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcInt"] = $xmlrpcInt;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcBoolean"] = $xmlrpcBoolean;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcDouble"] = $xmlrpcDouble;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcString"] = $xmlrpcString;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcDateTime"] = $xmlrpcDateTime;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcBase64"] = $xmlrpcBase64;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcArray"] = $xmlrpcArray;
$GLOBALS["xmlrpcStruct"] = $xmlrpcStruct;

$GLOBALS["xmlrpcTypes"] = $xmlrpcTypes;

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