R: [phpxmlrpc] Problem with xmlrpcval result of client response

Gaetano Giunta giunta.gaetano at sea-aeroportimilano.it
Tue Nov 18 15:52:31 GMT 2003

Let's see if I get it straight...

> Hi there,
> Unfortunately I have a problem with the client lib "xmlrpc.inc":
> In the Documentation http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/doc/xmlrpcval.html
> I read:
> The elements of the array must be xmlrpcval objects themselves.
> Now, I do a request via $client->send,
> the serialized form looks like this:
> <methodResponse> <params> <param> <value><struct> =
> <member><name>displayName</name> <value><string>/</string></value> =
> </member> <member><name>dataType</name> =
> <value><string>resource</string></value> </member> =
> <member><name>size</name> <value><int>0</int></value> </member> =
> <member><name>parentUri</name> <value><string>/</string></value> =
> </member> <member><name>uri</name> <value><string>/</string></value> =
> </member> <member><name>folder</name> =
> <value><boolean>1</boolean></value> </member> 
> <member><name>id</name> =
> <value><string>/</string></value> </member> </struct></value> 
> </param> =
> </params> </methodResponse> 
> The response contains an xmlrpcval whos value is an associative array,
> but the values of that array are NOT xmlrpcval objects but
> string/boolean/int. 
> $response=$client->send(...);

(Quoted text is taken from the docs)

$response is "an instance of xmlrpcresp"

> $value=$response->value();

$value is "an xmlrpcval object containing the return value sent by the server"
Given the above xml snippet, I'd suspect it's type is "struct". To check it out:
echo "VALUE IS OF KIND : $kind";

> $rpcval=$value->getval();

Here's the magic part: $rpcval is a PHP array!!!

It happens because the getval() function serves exactly this purpose: get rid of all xml-rpc objects cruft and easily transform xml-rpc objects into native php data types. Saves you lottsa coding on large nested arrays/structs.

I know it's not documented in the official docs, you have to look for it in the changelog.

If you just wanted to get the xmlrpc-objects out of your struct, you should have used:
list($key,$ value) = $value->structeach();

> gettype($rpcval['uri']) is string and not Object of xmlrpcval!!!

False! (see above)
Plus you'r using an undocumented function...

For the rest of the original post, see if it still applies after reading the above and in case ask again :)


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