[phpxmlrpc] HOWTO register a RPC handler

shane.dempsey3 at mail.dcu.ie shane.dempsey3 at mail.dcu.ie
Wed Oct 1 15:07:33 BST 2003


   I have tried all the examples and I keep getting this error message
RPC handler object "sample" not found 

   The rpc functions I am trying to call are examples.getStateName or in
the case below sample.dosomething

   Do I need to set up a namespace for examples of a directory called examples
or what the *!?£ ? This is frustrating as hell. Any advice would be much

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><methodResponse><fault><value><struct><member><name>faultString</name><value>java.lang.Exception:
RPC handler object "sample" not found and no default handler registered.</value></member><member><name>faultCode</name><value><int>0</int></value></member></struct></value></fault></methodResponse>

---EVALING---[210 chars]---
new xmlrpcval(array('faultString' => new xmlrpcval("java.lang.Exception:
RPC handler object \"sample\" not found and no default handler registered.",
'string'),'faultCode' => new xmlrpcval(0, 'int')), 'struct');


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