[phpxmlrpc] xmlrpcs.php : a php warning fixed

Roberto Gerola roberto.gerola at speedtech.it
Sat Apr 10 12:52:56 BST 2004

At line 432 of xmlrpcs.php, php shows an annoying warning: "Undefined 
offset:  1"
The following piece of code fixes this little problem :

           // Check signature.
            if (isset($dmap[$methName]['signature']))
                $sig = $dmap[$methName]['signature'];
                $verSig = $this->verifySignature($m, $sig);
                $ok = $verSig[0];       
                if (!$ok)
                    // Didn't match.
                    $errstr = $verSig[1];
                    return new xmlrpcresp(0,
                    $xmlrpcstr['incorrect_params'] . ": ${errstr}");


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