[phpxmlrpc] weird problem

Xenon Systems kim at xenon-systems.com
Tue Aug 17 10:29:40 BST 2004

I have two servers running php and xmlrpc. They both run the exact same
version of PHP, xmlrpc.inc and the executable script I created. One has
no problems running the script and gives the results as expected the
other one fails miserably. The following error is produced: 

Call to a member function on a non-object in
/usr/share/pear/xmlrpc/xmlrpc.inc on line 1393

Which is with me the xmlrpc_decode function when it tries to establish
the value of the object (eg. scalar, array etc..). 

My question is are there any dependencies which i should be aware of
(certain locale's - or linux kernel support for a locale for example)
which makes the same script fail on one server and succeed on the other


Kim d'Audretsch

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