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Fri Feb 6 11:02:18 GMT 2004

Notification of non-delivery of message

This notification has been automatically generated by the mail server
at lidgerwood.com.

The attached e-mail message sent by you or using your address has caused
a mail server policy exception: this means that some aspect of the message
does not conform with the local acceptable mail usage policies in force at
this site.

The following automatically-generated diagnostic text may help you to
work out what aspect of policy your message has breached.

------------ Start of result file -------------------

Virus scanning report  -  6 February 2004 @ 5:02

Program version: 3.14b
Engine version: 3.14.7

SIGN.DEF created 30 January 2004
SIGN2.DEF created 30 January 2004
MACRO.DEF created 2 February 2004

Search: D:\MERCURY\Scratch\30DD2834.TMP
Action: Report only
Files: Attempt to identify files
Memory was not scanned.
Hard disk boot sectors were not scanned.

D:\MERCURY\SCRATCH\30DD2834.TMP->body.scr  Infection: W32/Mydoom.A at mm

Results of virus scanning:

Files: 1
MBRs: 0
Boot sectors: 0
Objects scanned: 2
Infected: 1
Suspicious: 0
Disinfected: 0
Deleted: 0
Renamed: 0

Time: 0:00

------------ End of result file ---------------------

Your message was not delivered to the intended recipient. If you have
questions about this delivery failure notification, please contact
postmaster at lidgerwood.com.

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