[phpxmlrpc] new to phpxmlrpc

Sam tuba at infotel.it
Mon Jan 19 10:08:08 GMT 2004

Hi! I am back again and always with the same problem.
I turned on E_ALL but I still can see nothing but

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in /xmlrpc.inc on line 1380

Here is the client:

$client=new xmlrpc_client("path", "host", 80);


$multi2=new xmlrpcval(array(
"first_value_name" => new xmlrpcval("first_value"),
"second_value_name" => new xmlrpcval("second_value")), "struct");

$f=new xmlrpcmsg("method",$multi2);


At 07.46 19/12/03, you wrote:
>Ah, now I see. You need to use "xmlrpcval", not "xmlrpc_val".
>Also, always turn on maximal error reporting when using PHP,
>as follows:

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