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Giunta Gaetano Giunta.Gaetano at sea-aeroportimilano.it
Sun Jan 1 18:56:57 GMT 2006

The phpxmlrpc package is quite alive and kicking, as the files releases on the sourceforge.net website should tell anyone: versions 2.0rc1 and rc2 have been published in the last 3 months...

Usage of the xmlrpc protocol for blog pinging / publication is, afaik, quite common, and should be possible by usage of the phpxmlrpc lib.

Depending on the blog site you are using, there will be a specific API for receiving pings and post links, so I think you should inquire with the blog service for detailed informations.

Gaetano Giunta

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I am trying to do what weblogs.com currently does  -- receives pings and posts the blog link on their site if the blog has  been recently updated.
  does this package allow me to do this?

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