[phpxmlrpc] function verifySignature($in, $sig)

Wolfgang Pichler madmin at dialog-telekom.at
Mon Jan 2 12:57:07 GMT 2006

hi all,

i am at time writing a php xml server for my project...

So i started to play a little bit with usefull incs xmlrpc

but there seems to be a problem (or i simple do not understand it) with
the implementation of the function verifySignature($in, $sig) (in
xmlrpcs.inc). This function does check if the argument count of the
request matches the argument count of the signature... - there is the

if(sizeof($cursig)==$in->getNumParams()+1) {

which should check this - but this will always fail because it should

if(sizeof($cursig)==$in->getNumParams()) {

so, why is the +1 there ? - i have triied it without the +1 - without
it, it will work as expected...


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