[phpxmlrpc] Multiple signatures

Jeff Tupholme jeff-lists at makemyshow.com
Mon Jan 30 17:44:38 GMT 2006


I'm trying to create a method with multiple signatures and having 
problems. I've tried both the following formats (for illustration, I 
actually have four variants):

$xrs = new xmlrpc_server(array(
	'examples.myFunc' => array(
		'function' => 'foo',
		'signature' => $mysig1array,
		'signature' => $mysig2array

$xrs = new xmlrpc_server(array(
	'examples.myFunc' => array(
		'function' => 'foo',
		'signature' => array($mysig1array, $mysig2array)

I can confirm the signature arrays themselves are OK by using them one 
at a time. When I combine them in the first form I get an error similar 

> Incorrect parameters passed to method: Wanted array, got string at 
> param 2

... as it seems to get the various signatures confused. The second form 

> Incorrect parameters passed to method: No method signature matches 
> number of parameters

I'm using PHPXMLRPC 1.2.1 with PHP 5.1.1.

Thanks in anticipation of any helpful suggestions.



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