[phpxmlrpc] send file contents via phpxmlrpc

Manish Marathe mmarathe at spikesource.com
Wed Jan 10 01:47:06 UTC 2007


One of my server functions is needed to do the following:

Read some .yaml files, append them and send over the content. Now I am 
trying to append each file's data and send over the complete data in a 
string format. This is not working, and m breaking my head since long. 
Below is the format of one of my yaml file and I also using ' 
'(single-quotes) around the text of this yaml file because the yaml file 
itself contains "". Let me know what could be possibly wrong.



# Rollup metadata file
    name: "xerces2"
    rollup_type: "addon"
    version: 1.0
    display-name: "Xerces Addon"
    file-name: "xerces.zip"
        - "x86-win"
        - corestack
    timestamp: "2006-11-03 13:30"
    description: >
       "This is the bundle for installation of the xerces2 optional 
components for corestack. This bundle contains the following MSIs:
           - xerces2

    url: "http://www.spikesource.com/updates"

    name: xerces2
    release: "NA"
    display-name: "Xerces 2"
    arch: "x86-win"
    description: "Xerces 2 version"
    package-name: "xerces2-"
    package-size: 1001001
    install-size: 0
    file-list: ~
      - name: ant-core
      - name: sun-jdk1_5

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