[phpxmlrpc] byte[] to PHP-string conversion

Marcel Ruff mr at marcelruff.info
Thu Jul 17 16:00:18 BST 2008


i have a Java xmlrpc server which returns an array of triples
  String key
  byte[] content
  String qos

When i call it with phpxmlrpc i get:


Now my problem:

I can read in PHP the two strings without problem
but how can i read the binary data (encoded with base64)?

 $result = $this->client->send( $rpcmsg );
 $res_array = xmlrpc_decode( $result->serialize() );
 $messages = array( count($res_array) ) ;
 $cpt = 0 ;
 foreach( $res_array as $r ){
   dbgprint( "OK: [$r[0]]" );
   // $r[1] from <value><base64>MTg4Mw==</base64></value>
   dbgprint( "binary data: $r[1]" );

Error thrown:
----> Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in ...

But $r[1] should contain the text "Hi".

What am i missing?


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