[phpxmlrpc] zlib / xmlrpc

bolle at tiscali.co.uk bolle at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jun 29 15:27:44 BST 2008


I seem to have confused everyone - including myself with my last 
question. I got my versions of XML-RPC mixed up and it appears that I'm 
using the PHP extention which does not appear to be a capable of 
sending un-compressed XML which is a problem because Internet explorer 
has a bug in it which breaks any flash movies  receiving cached data.

So I'm now considering using the PHPXMLRPC extention. I understand 
that using the EXTRAS package I should be able to create an environment 
which is totally compatible with the PHP extension. 

One of the features we use (a lot..) in the PHP extentions is the 
ability that you can swap between XML-RPC format and simpleRPC. See:


Is that supported in the PHPXMLRPC implementation?

Thanks in advance.



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