[phpxmlrpc] question about xmlrpcval

Donato Molino xml-rpc at molino.it
Sun Aug 9 12:00:56 CEST 2009


I would like to set in a xmlrpc client an instructions as follow:


foreach ($elements as $key => $val) {
       for ($d = 0; $d < $M; $d++) {
$VET[$key][$d] = new xmlrpcval($_POST[$key][$d], 'string');

and then:

$ve=new xmlrpcval( array (
 "user" => new xmlrpcval($userid, 'int'),
 "VET" => new xmlrpcval($VET, 'struct'),
 ), 'struct' );

But it fails.

The server method signature is:

$DoInsert_sig=array(array($xmlrpcStruct, $xmlrpcStruct));

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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