[phpxmlrpc] Please Help!!

Renzo J. Ezagui nevusdotcom at gmail.com
Thu May 20 06:49:15 CEST 2010

I need to evaluate some variables which are send it from a mobile 
application via XML-RPC.
I know that the application is sending me this XML:

-- this is an example --

i need to have in PHP decoded vars that information 

i did this to know the XML:

function info ( $params ){
     $tamano = $t->serialize();
     $file = "data.txt";
     $file_handle = fopen($file,"a");
     fwrite($file_handle, "$tamano \n" );
$s=new xmlrpc_server(array("activate" =>array("function" => "info")));

now a i want to store (product,license,pin,version) in vars like $prod 
$lic $pin $vers but i cant decode it or extract them from the message or 
from this string that i already printed to a file.

Please help, sorry for my crappy english

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