[phpxmlrpc] How to start/stop XML-RPC server?

David Luu mangaroo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 01:34:31 EST 2012

I'm just looking into XML-RPC server with PHP, so have not much idea about
its implementation and design.

With other language implementations, it's easy to understand, as you can
start/stop the server from command line (or other interface like UI,
XML-RPC call for stop, etc.) as all the server functionality can be
combined with the XML-RPC server itself as a single self contained

With PHP, the PHP code is served by a web/application server. So wanted
some clarification:

* how do you start the server? Start up the web/application server (Apache,
IIS, etc.), then hit the URL to the PHP script that creates the server
instance? Are the XML-RPC requests (different XML-RPC method calls) going
to same URL or different one?

* how do you stop the PHP XML-RPC server? Stop the web/application server
itself? (e.g. Apache, IIS, etc.) Or is there a way to stop it w/o turning
off the whole web/application server or say killing PHP.

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