[redland-dev] Redland and Raptor status 2003-11-06

Dave Beckett dave.beckett at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Nov 6 16:23:33 GMT 2003

Apart from bug fixes, there are some things in the pipeline for Raptor
and Redland. I thought a quick status report was in order since
there's not been a release for a while.

I've been developing an N-Triples+N parser for Raptor dealing with
a (sensible IMHO) subset of N3's syntax.  It's basically what most people
tend to use when they write down RDF in N3 - no non-RDF bits such
as {}. The +N refers to N changes, currently around 9:
  ; , . whitespace qnames UTF-8 a and [].
This is mostly working built on lex & yacc and re-entrant
but not streaming which is probably OK for now.

Redland recently gained two new storage backends.  I wrote one
for 3store http://www.aktors.org/technologies/3store/ and
Morten Frederiksen did an MySQL one which he's been using
for some time on his site.  These are in the CVS.

I've also been tinkering with better RDF/XML output using more
sensible namespace choices.  You should be able to choose prefixes
you want to output.

I've noticed there have been a lot of VC++ questions recently.  It's not
something I can easily maintain but I'm happy receiving patches fine.
It would be good if there was somebody actively looking at this.

And finally, what's been taking most of my time recently is preparing for this
workshop http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/events/20031113-storage/
You might care to read the position paper I wrote which outlines some
more Redland design choices and possible updates:
  Redland RDF Storage and Retrieval

Other than that, work as usual.  RDQL support is currently planned for Q1 2004.

Send patches or $$s, £s  will especially influence the development :)


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