[redland-dev] Does Redland do inference?

Dave Beckett dave.beckett at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Nov 27 16:53:59 GMT 2003

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:21:33 +0100, Daniel Elenius <danel698 at student.liu.se> wrote:

> Hi!
> Does redland do 'inferences'? 

No, not yet.  But...

> For example, if I have triples like:
> (a b c)
> (c d e)
> in e.g. (verb, predicate, object) order,
> can I do a query like:
> (? b c) and (c d e)
> that is, "find all ? that have c for property b, where c has e for the 
> property d"
> and get the answer
> ? = a

... if you used redland store which did inference, that may let you do
that kind of question.  The 3store backend is in progress and (in CVS,
working) will be in the next release and does handle most RDFS
entailments, which would then answer your question 'yes'.   This
partially depends on changes in 3store inside their CVS version,
i.e. they have to make a release first too


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