[redland-dev] ANN/RFC: SPARQL Query Tool

Sebastian Dietzold sebastian at dietzold.de
Wed Mar 2 21:09:00 GMT 2005

Hi All, i've created a little php SPARQL Query Tool.

UseIt:  http://sebastian.dietzold.de/archive/2005/03/02/sparqlTool.php
Source: http://sebastian.dietzold.de/archive/2005/03/02/sparqlTool.phps

--- From http://sebastian.dietzold.de/blog/2005/03/02/sparqltool ---

I've played around with Redland and php because i need some small scripts 
to modify rdf-models in a mysql db. First i wanted a tool to query an 
existing model for debugging. Dave Becketts demo works fine but has no 
options to query models in a mysql db. After two days of looking inside 
the error.log of my apache (actual, many redland-errors will only appear 
there and not in the html-output, because some functions are not 
implemented in the php-module yet), i can release the first version of the 
SPARQL Query Tool.

With this script, you can query models from urls or mysql dbs with SPARQL. 
Actual, only variable binding results are supported (no graph or bool 
results). I also plan to add a file upload feature. In the next version i 
want a better handling with errors and warnings.

To use this script with your own server, you need version of the 
redland php bindings. The whole script ist only one file so it is easy to 
install. I think, it is a good demonstation example for the redland php 





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