[redland-dev] redland/php questions

Sebastian Dietzold sebastian at dietzold.de
Wed Mar 2 21:09:21 GMT 2005

Hi again,

i have some question about the usage of the redland php interface:

1. how can i handle errors and warnings e.g. from 
librdf_parser_parse_into_model or librdf_query_execute. 
librdf_world_set_error and librdf_world_set_logger are not supported yet 
and the messages appear only in apaches error.log. It is possible?

2. if i try to ask the type of a node with which is NULL (e.g. a var in a 
result set is empty) this error appears (and librdf_node_get_type returns 

rdf_node.c:714: (librdf_node_get_type) assertion failed: object pointer of 
type librdf_node is NULL.

but ($node != NULL) in php so i can't check empty nodes without throwing 
much errors. it is possible to avoid this?



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