[redland-dev] Win32 DLL's / shared heap limitations effect on Redland

Brian Holdsworth holdswob33 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 15:25:54 GMT 2005

I found a past post from last August that eluded to a
problem with running Redland on Windows.  Like that
poster, I am using all Redland libraries, which I have
built as 3 separate DLL files.  It mostly works fine,
until I start to create and destroy multiple models
using multiple instances of the parser objects. 
Without getting too specific, it seems that the three
DLL's might not be playing nice together.  I may be
seeing what the earlier poster claimed, which is that
the librdf.dll is trying to free heap memory that was
allocated by the raptor.dll.  This causes exceptions
under Windows, as the required practice is to have the
same DLL both allocate and free blocks.  This is due
to the fact that each DLL has its own heap manager.

I would like to know if it is realistic to assume that
the above is occurring - i.e. are the librdf and
raptor libraries intertwined in this way?

If so, I think I will pursue creating one giant
librdf.dll for Windows to see if that solves the
problem.  Can anyone think of a reason not to solve it
this way?

Thanks much...

- Brian

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