[redland-dev] Compiling Redland-Bindings snapshot

chris at prather.org chris at prather.org
Wed Mar 9 17:22:24 GMT 2005

> On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 08:54 -0800, chris at prather.org wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Last night I went about building some Gentoo ebuilds to build Redland
>> from
>> the snapshots directory. I basically just fudged the current gentoo
>> ebuilds to point to the right source URL, my ebuilds are available
>> online
>> if people are interested.
>> But while doing so I encountered a problem with redland-bindings
>> configure.ac file. I'm not a C programmer, no do I play one on TV.
>> However
>> I manage to figure out that the problem lies in redland being version
>> 1.0.1 and bindings being and configure.ac (I think) checks to
>> make
>> sure the version numbers match.
>> Should these two versions be installed together?
> Redland Bindings versions are named as redland versions + 1 digit
> so bindings (not released yet) is the 3rd version for redland
> 1.0.0
> So CVS redland-bindings ( won't work against CVS redland (1.0.1)
> but will against released redland 1.0.0.  Or you can just edit the
> configure.ac to match if you want to play around - should work now as
> redland CVS hasn't drifted too far from 1.0.0.
> There should be branches for released/devel redland's but I'm putting
> that off at present (maybe till I switch to subversion).  Busy busy.
> Dave

Like others, I'm using this for purely development purposes, but I have no
clue how to teach Gentoo's Portage system to slurp from CVS instead of a
pre-wrapped tarball. (I'm certain it's possible, but beyond my current

I ended up passing --with-redland=system in my ebuild which overrides the
test. I just wanted to know if this was a BadThing(tm) or not. I see that
yes, it could be, just happens that 1.0.1 isn't much different from 1.0.0
*right now* so it should work, but there's no gurantee of furture
compatiblity. Thank you.


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