[redland-dev] Compiling Redland-Bindings snapshot

chris at prather.org chris at prather.org
Wed Mar 9 19:40:15 GMT 2005

> Hi Chris,
> chris at prather.org ha scritto:
>>>On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 08:54 -0800, chris at prather.org wrote:
>>>>Last night I went about building some Gentoo ebuilds to build Redland
>>>>the snapshots directory. I basically just fudged the current gentoo
>>>>ebuilds to point to the right source URL, my ebuilds are available
>>>>if people are interested.
> I was thinking about doing it myself but couldn't find the time so far, so
> I am interested.


This is a tarball I just made from my /usr/local/portage portdir overlay
directory of the relevant directories (dev-libs, and media-libs I
believe). Lemme know off list if there are issues.

> [...]
>> Like others, I'm using this for purely development purposes, but I have
>> no
>> clue how to teach Gentoo's Portage system to slurp from CVS instead of a
>> pre-wrapped tarball. (I'm certain it's possible, but beyond my current
>> skills.)
> It's very easy, you may want to take a look at the cvs eclass or at some
> *-cvs ebuild for some other package in the portage tree but shortly:
> inherit cvs
> ECVS_USER="anonymous"
> ECVS_SERVER="cvs.example.com:/cvsroot"
> ECVS_MODULE="mymodule"
> SRC_URI=""

hmm, that doesn't look too bad. The ebuilds above are my first ever
attempt at actually building a custom ebuild. I'm happy enough that they
work. I'll have to look into this though for some other projects I'm
involved with.

>> I ended up passing --with-redland=system in my ebuild which overrides
>> the
>> test. I just wanted to know if this was a BadThing(tm) or not.
> That's what current (now obsoleted) ebuilds for rasqal and redland do for
> their dependencies, doesn't seem to be a Bad Thing in itself, the main
> "issue" of course will be, as you noted:

Right, and as I explained elsewhere ... if you're using CVS Head you get
what you ask for as far as stability is concerned.


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