[redland-dev] email schema's and web interface questions

Shannon Holland holland at loser.net
Tue Mar 22 05:00:58 GMT 2005

I'm pretty new to rdf so I imagine I'll be asking some stupid questions 
- apologies in advance.

I'm interested in using RDF to store and archive of my personal email 
and am curious if much work has been done in this error. Searching 
around I've come across articles such as Jamie Zawinski's interwingle 
talking about what you could do. I did come across metamail 
(http://xmlns.filsa.org/metamail/0.1/) which parses a unix mbox file 
into a redland rdf store (written in python and a few minutes of work 
got it working with the latest redland).

Am I missing something here - has much been done in this area?

Eventually I would like to have a web interface (or other gui) to the 
email store. My next question would be: are there good examples of web 
presentation of an RDF database or a general framework that might be 
useful? I haven't looked much at all here so hopefully I've missed 
something really obvious!

Thanks for any suggestions!


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