stream/iterator map context nodes (Re: [redland-dev] [patch] librdf_storage_hashes_context_serialise_get_statement)

Lauri Aalto laalto at
Wed May 7 08:18:43 BST 2008

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 5:35 PM, John Fieber <jfieber at> wrote:
>  That said, I do have a different problem with iterator/stream map functions
> regarding contexts.  The mapping function for an iterator has the signature
> (rdf_iterator.h):
>   typedef void* (*librdf_iterator_map_handler)(librdf_iterator *iterator,
> void *map_context, void *item);
>  The problem is the list of iterator methods you cannot call within the map
> function because they produce infinite recursion:

>  Clearly not all of those are necessary or even appropriate to use in a map
> callback since you are handed a pointer to the object, but getting the
> context is relevant, and the only way to get it is to violate encapsulation
> of the iterator.  The stream methods exhibit the same behavior.

I'm thinking of one way to make context nodes accessible in map
functions without breaking much existing code. Introduce another
callback, say:

  typedef void*
(*librdf_iterator_map_with_context_handler)(librdf_iterator *iterator,
void *map_context, void *item, void *item_context);
  // (or librdf_node *item_context)

and the API function for adding them:

  int librdf_iterator_add_map_with_context(librdf_iterator* iterator,
librdf_iterator_map_with_context_handler map_function,
librdf_iterator_map_free_context_handler free_context, void

This way the changes can be contained in the rdf_iterator class.
Neither iterator callback implementations nor iterator clients need to
be changed.

(Ditto for streams. Also maybe should try to come up with better
typedef/function names.)

Another option would be to just change the old map function signature
and break some existing client code.

>  Another bug that affects the iterator only is that the callback signature
> is
>   typedef void* (*librdf_iterator_map_handler)(librdf_iterator *iterator,
> void *map_context, void *item);
>  but it called with second two arguments swapped (rdf_iterator.c):
>       /* apply the map to the element  */
>       element=map->fn(iterator, element, map->context);
>  I'm guessing this is wrong since the argument order is consistent in three
> out of four cases: stream callback signature, stream callback call and
> iterator callback signature.

Thanks. I fixed that one in svn r13842.

I guess the iterator map functions have not been used that much. This
bug has been there since 2001.


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