stream/iterator map context nodes (Re: [redland-dev] [patch] librdf_storage_hashes_context_serialise_get_statement)

John Fieber jfieber at
Wed May 7 15:33:27 BST 2008

On May 7, 2008, at 1:38 AM, Dave Beckett wrote:

[discussion of iterator map callback argument order being incorrect  

>> Thanks. I fixed that one in svn r13842.
>> I guess the iterator map functions have not been used that much. This
>> bug has been there since 2001.
> Probably true.  However, the stream map functions are used to  
> implement
> various model methods such as get_targets, get_arcs when the  
> underlying
> storage only implements find_statements - the map iterator turns a
> stream of statements into an iterator of nodes.

I tried flipping the argument order in the call and ended up with a  
crash somewhere, so there is apparently something using it  
internally.  Those uses will need to be chased down and I have not had  
the opportunity to do so (yet).  And the change will break any  
external users using the iterator map, so this would be a prominent  
release note item.  However, I suspect for this bug to persist this  
long, there aren't many folks who would be affected and the client  
side fix is trivial.


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